Learning The Lingo

We've been "dog people" all  our lives.  Loved many dogs of many different breeds, sizes and personalities. But the Doodles are our absolute favorite.  

A few terms to know:

  • F1 Goldendoodle - First generation (1/2 golden 1/2 poodle)
  • F1B - Second generation. Goldendoodle bred to poodle. (1/4 golden 3/4 poodle.) This is when you start to get lower shedding.
  • Multigenerational - F1B bred to F1 or F1B - Next to no shedding, teddy-bear like soft hair.  And even more advantages of selective breeding among goldendoodles for temperament, personality and overall good looks!
  • Bernedoodle - Cross between Bernese Mountain Dog and poodle.
Breeding Misconceptions
Don't Buy The Last Puppy
People select a puppy based on that invisible but-oh-so-powerful connection. It's a whisper in the ear. I belong with you. 

It is that simple.  

The last puppy may be petite or grande, non-stop-energetic or buddha-like serene, male or female.  

They just haven't been picked yet.

But they are healthy or we would never place that puppy in another home. 

We know this is a purchase of love and commitment. We don't ever take that for granted.

Oh, and there really is zero difference in terms of smarts or energy level based on gender.  It comes down to personality.

Isn't that wonderful?

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"Our puppy changed our house so quickly, I can't even remember what life was without her."

9 year old girl