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We typically breed twice a year. We alternate between our beautiful females and Flynn (two-tone red/cream boy.) Dogs are part of the family.

Every pup receives extensive Sensory Training from day one. The last puppy is typically donated (see below.) We do not pick the "best" of the litter for service work, but rather prepare every puppy!  All will be introduced to leash, grooming, water-play, other dogs, cats, children of various ages and more. 

All puppies receive 6 & 8 week vaccinations and are dewormed. We'll provide detailed records (with vaccination labels) to share with your vet.

If you have a child with anxiety or special needs, there are other ways we can help prepare your puppy. 

We encourage folks to come visit and/or discuss your needs in a phone call. Even if you're just researching at this point... We are happy to be a resource for you.

If we are good fit, you can choose to be on our waiting list. Non-refundable deposit of $250 required to hold your goldendoodle puppy and is applied to the purchase price. 

From time-to-time we select a puppy to go into a guardian home. If this is of interest, please call or email for more information.

Summer Litter to head home early July 
Please call for details. If you're looking ahead, consider getting on the Fall/Winter list or Spring of 2020. Again, happy to share more details in a conversation.

We have quietly begun a line of spectacular Bernedoodles - a lovely cross between a Bernese Mountain Dog (known for their mellow nature) and poodle. These are larger dogs and will mature in the 60 - 75 pound range. 

It all began when parents of special needs boys asked if we could "build a bigger" doodle. Feeling was that a 16 year old boy might need a larger dog to hold. After careful research, we felt a cross with Bernese Mountain Dog would be best fit.

If you're debating between a Goldendoodle and Bernedoodle, we are happy to have further conversation to help you determine best fit for your family.

Non-refundable deposit of $350 required to hold your Bernedoodle puppy and is applied to the purchase price.

Fall Litter will head home in September. Please reach out for details or to be placed on waiting list for future litter.
Harrington Doodles... Because life is sweeter with the perfect pet
This is really why it all started! We donate puppies to Blessings Unleashed, a nonprofit organization that provides service dogs to families with an autistic child. 

MaxLucy (also in service for Blessings Unleashed.)

Bernedoodle Puppies 
Meet the Goldendoodle Mamas

Quinn - Sweet Black & White Parti-Doodle helping around the office! (top right)

Meadow - Black Goldendoodle beauty who started it all. (second right)

Luna - Super-soft Goldendoodle modeling her longer cream locks. (bottom right; Meadow's )

Remi - Black Goldendoodle with silky hair (bottom left)​

Meet the Bernedoodle Mamas

Scout - Our gentle girl is a stunning tri-colored Bernedoodle. 

Greta - Our silly, tongue-waggin' Bernese Mountain Dog 

Meet the Boys

Flynn - Cream and red parti-doodle with the softest coat ever. His handsome but gentle disposition makes him a friend to all. (Bottom left.)

Kaboodle - Phantom poodle with beautiful markings, and just happens to enjoy car rides, no matter how short!

We are a family operation and believe life is sweeter with the perfect pet. 

In addition to taking the time to prepare your puppy, we also assure our adult dogs receive all the love and attention they deserve. 

After all, it's their wonderful genes, knowledge and devotion that is carried on from our home to yours.

Transporting Puppies 
If we are the right fit for you, we will not let transportation get in the way. Almost all of our clients come from personal referrals. Details as to how we can help on Contact Page.