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We're located in Western New York..... between Buffalo and Rochester. We offer many safe options for transportation of your pet if outside the area.

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We offer a two year health guarantee on all puppies. (Details on the Food tab.) Everyone who buys a puppy from Harrington Doodles is required to sign a neuter/spay agreement.  Agreement/Contract forwarded upon request.

Those making a non-refundable deposit will be given preference in order received. However, we reserve the right to decline any buyer under any circumstances if we feel it is in the best interest of the puppy. ($250 deposit for Goldendoodle puppy; $350 for Bernedoodle puppy.)

We offer our recommendations based on observation and experience as to which puppy might be best in terms of meeting your needs.

Our goal is simple. To place each puppy in a loving home and enrich the lives of owners....

Because life is sweeter with the perfect pet.

Transporting Puppies 
If we are the right fit for you, we will help with transportation. And are happy to do so! Just seems the folks who need us, seem to find us.

With advance notice, we can usually drive your puppy. We charge 50 cents per mile (round trip) or $1 per mile (one-way.) Whichever math seems easier to calculate! We can go door-to-door, but prefer if folks are able to meet us halfway. If puppy needs to go on a plane, there is a $300- $500 delivery charge on top of plane ticket. Puppy will remain in the cabin with us; either in crate under seat or riding on our lap.

There's 20+ years of selective breeding history with our dogs. 

We're happy to answer your questions, whether you're in the initial research stages or have already begun to puppy proof the house.

Barbara Harrington

Border Training
Thinking about a system for your yard? We are all about safety and love John's gentle, proven training. It is so worth a phone to explore!


Harrington Doodles... Because life is sweeter with the perfect pet