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Notes from A Girl

Sequoia and I had a great time at the Alzheimer's Walk in Delaware Park. 

I couldn't believe how many people where there even though it poured! My friend Jessie was with me walking Meadow.  Both doggies were so awesome even though there were a lot of distractions and a lot of people.  

Although we went for fun and to help raise money and awareness for Alzheimer's Association, the day turned out to be a good way to help train Sequoia to stay calm, even in a crowd.

And she let me c lip this big purple flower to her collar!
Harrington Doodles... Because life is sweeter with the perfect pet
One Boy's Ten Reasons For Loving our Doodles.

1. Adorable - Let's face it - they are super cute looking!

2. Friendly - They like to be by your side and will happily greet all your friends!

3. Intelligent - They are trained easily

4. Playful - They will never say no to running after a ball.

5. Affectionate - When I sit on the couch, my dogs like to come put their head in my lap.  One at a time is easier!

6. Curious - When bringing in groceries, they enjoy taking a peak inside any bags left on the kitchen floor.  

7. Goofy - Sequoia loves to run through the sprinkler, biting at the water as she goes.

8. Alert - Squirrels need to be barked at to make sure everyone in house knows they are there!

9. Many different "looks" - Chocolate, Black, Cream, Curly, Straight, Wavy, Short hair/Long hair, With a doodle you can have it all!  

10. Super Light Shedding - No need to take out your vacuum every day to clean up dog hair!

Goldendoodles And Doubledoodles are GREAT - By Boy #2

A Goldendoodle is a great pet. They hardly shed and are very playful.

Goldendoodles are good for:

  • Playing
  • Keeping you company
  • Snuggling
  • And to have some family time.

And now Top Five Tips for training.

1. You are the boss -- Make sure the puppy knows that you are in charge. But be nice and sweet about it.

2. Walk - Your puppy needs exercise and it's good for bonding. Every time you stop, make your puppy sit.

3. Come - Teach your puppy the word Come so if they are in danger, you'll know they will listen and come to you.

4. Healthy Eating - Don't let your puppy eat human food.  They can't digest it well.  And don't let them eat off your plate or else when they see a plate, they will think, "IS THAT FOR ME???"

5. Loving - Make sure you give them love and attention every day!