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Harrington Doodles... Because life is sweeter with the perfect pet
In addition to being adorable, she has just a wonderful temperament with other dogs, adults and children!

Piper is at home in Rochester and according to owner Helen, "She is simply the best dog I've ever had!"
Meet Piper
Lizzie Goes To School
​Meet Lizzie! She has a pretty important job to do helping out her human colleague and principal, David. David and his family continue to sing Lizzie's praises... she is loving and sweet and picked up on additional training like a pro! And we know the early sensory training and loving attention from Harrington Doodles made all the difference.
Meet Murray
​Murray has become the center of our family. He is so loving and such a light-hearted goofball! Very smart, very handsome and loved by everyone who meets him! Karen & Jake
Meet Waffles
Waffles is just a wonderful dog. He is so sweet and gentle and smart. Eager to please, too! He adapts to most any environment and even goes into work with me some days. We just love him!

The Taylor Family
Western New York
Meet Frankie!  A goldendoodle helping many kids! By day, he is off to school with his mom Kristen who is a dedicated social worker at school in Central New York. By night, he is favorite snuggler among Kisten's two young kiddos! What a life!
Congratulations Frankie
Meet Bodie
Our boy is sweet, smart and sports incredibly soft teddy-bear like hair that doesn't shed. 

He is the perfect addition to our family and I don't think we've been on a walk yet that someone didn't stop to tell us how handsome he is. 

We always recommend Harrington Doodles and tell folks to get on the waiting list pronto!

Kim, Robin & Lauren
Just wanted to touch base and let you know how thrilled we are with Clark! He is so calm and sweet and loving. My little ones can sit next to him with a bowl full of human snacks and he doesn't even try to take any. Amazing! We couldn't be happier with our guy! It's clear he received everything he needed and more those first 8 weeks with your family. Jen & Family